I chose to call my chocolate bar NOT GUILTY, a place where people come to treat themselves without feeling guilty. One of my favourite mottos is carpe diem to remind myself to live intensely in the present. That’s why I’ll do my best to ensure you have a truly exceptional and unforgettable moment by awakening your senses and passions through my creations.

All my creations are freshly home made from quality seasonal produce and enhanced based on inspiration and innovative ideas.

Chocolate can be enjoyed hot, cold, iced, as a dessert or a cocktail. For all my chocolate creations, I use Valrhona chocolate, the leading brand used by chocolatiers and pâtissiers in France.

Our “chocolate” range is complemented by a varied range of coffees, teas, fresh fruit juices, lemonades, smoothies, outsider desserts (desserts without chocolate), special guest desserts based on an featured ingredient, ice creams and wines.

We also provide an all-day breakfast.

For specific dietary needs (gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan) or for special occasions (birthdays, etc.) please talk to me and I will do my best to meet your requirements.

Let yourself be tempted by the unique and original world of NOT GUILTY for a real break of self-indulgence, sweetness and emotion.

Enjoy your taste experience !
Ingrid Van den Bussche